Chief Blackbear

From Chapter 3

It was close to midnight by the time they finished stashing the cargo in the garage. Nick and Vito were ready for some action, so they went to their favorite strip club, where Nick had arranged to sell the owner an ounce of cocaine.

The Pink Pussycat was a happening place, with two stages and more than a dozen beautiful dancers. Nick and Vito were well known and allowed to enter without paying a cover charge. Nobody was sitting at Nick's favorite table near the back stage that was also close to the owner's office. The three of them sat down. A few seconds later, the waitress came to the table and wrapped her arms around Nick. She kissed him on the neck saying, "Hey Sugar, how's it goin'?"

"Not too bad, Sweetheart. How you doiní?"

"A lot better now that you showed up. Where ya been?"

"Takin' care of business."

Vito grabbed her arm and pulled her into his lap. "Where's my hug?"

"Oh baby! How's my Italian Stallion?" she asked, wrapping her arms around him and squeezing him tightly.

"Your Italian Stallion's about ready for some action. Whata ya say you find me some sweet little filly?"

She looked over to the Chief who was in bad need of a shave, and said, "I reckon I can do that, but this little filly needs a cowboy. Who's your friend?"

Vito said, "Yo Chief. I want you to meet Candy."

From Vito's lap she reach over to shake hands with him.

"Nice meetin' ya," the Chief said, shaking her hand. "Whata we gotta do to get a drink around here?"

She leaned closer to him and pointed to her cheek. "Just a little kiss, right here."

Still holding her hand, the Chief leaned toward her and kissed her on the cheek saying, "I'll have a Scotch and water."

Candy went off to get their drinks. She had been gone for a while when the crowd started to go off. Nick looked to the main stage that was on the other side of the club and said, "Man, I'd love to get a piece of that."

The Chief turned to check it out. His bottom jaw dropped. He couldn't believe it. He saw his wife on stage strutting her stuff. Dance To The Music, by Sly and the Family Stone was playing and Angela was shaking her hips to the boom.

Joe felt a rush and wasn't sure what to do. He didn't like seeing her up there dancing, but she was turning him on in her pink g-string and bra. He had been missing her so badly it hurt; he hoped to get her back. He felt bad about the way he had treated her, and wished more than anything, she would forgive him. Even though she had sex with Bernie, he loved her. He couldn't help it. They'd been through a lot together. If it weren't for her, he probably never would have gotten over Kateri.

"I'll be right back," Nick said, as he rose from the table and walked toward the stage to tip her. He slipped a five spot into her garter and barely got her to smile at him.

Joe sipped his drink quietly as he watched Nick. He was happy to see his wife ignore Nick and realized whatever it took, he had to have her back. He hated her dancing. He couldn't stand a bunch of dudes drooling over his wife. He felt like dragging her off the stage, but knew that she would cause a scene. Especially after the way he treated her the night he got out of jail.

When Nick came back to the table, Vito laughed and said with an Italian accent, "What a geek. She didn't even look at you. Watch the Stallion in action." He walked up to the stage and stood in front of her with a wad of a thousand or more dollars in his hand waiting to tip her.

His stack of cash caught her attention and she started her gyro hip routine. She thought he was dressed sharp and liked his shoulder length gray hair, beard and mustache. She slowed down for Vito to slip a twenty into her garter. She blew him a kiss, threw her bra to the back of the stage, and began to shake her melons.

The crowd totally went off and lined up at the stage as Vito walked back to the table with a smile. "You guys watch and see. Tonight she'll be ridin' the Italian Stallion."

The Chief was rapidly becoming jealous, and wanting his wife worse than ever. He couldn't stand these guys thinking they were going to bag his wife and was bound and determined to get her back right then. "You're wrong about that, pal," he blurted as he got up from the table, taking a swig of his drink. He went on to say, "That one's mine."

Angela was holding her long blonde hair above her head as she did the wave, allowing several men to stuff her garter with cash. She froze stiff when she noticed the beat up, black, cowboy hat coming her way. The lights were ricocheting from the diamond eyes of the golden bear that hung from his neck. She was afraid and not sure what to do, but she knew not to piss him off. She used to love him dearly when he wasn't mad; anyone in their right mind would be scared shitless of him when he was mad. There were certain things that would piss him off to the point of insanity; someone fucking his wife was one of them. She worried he was going to be upset about her dancing, and more worried what he would do when he found out she was happy with her new boyfriend.

With his finger he motioned for her to lean down and listen to what he had to say. She was nervous when she stopped dancing and kneeled down. He gently held one of her calves. "I gotta talk to you." "About what?" She searched his face looking for clues to his mood. She didn't think she was in love with him any more, but there was something about him occupying her attention. Feeling the warmth of his hand gripped on her leg pushed the music to a distant buzz in her head.

"I miss you real bad. I'm really sorry about that shit in Atlanta."

"I'm sorry too." She saw the sincere look in his eyes. It was the look she trusted and had fallen in love with. She also saw her new boyfriend, who was the owner, walking in the door. "I need to be working," she said, just before standing up with her hands above her head and doing the wave.

The Chief slid a c-note into her garter and said, "Come talk to me when you're done with your set."

She untied her g-string and wrapped it around his neck before dancing off and letting a bunch of other people stuff her garter with cash.

The Chief came strolling back to the table twirling Angela's g-string through the air.

Nick had been leaning back in his chair, noticing how much attention the Chief drew with his diamond jewelry and cowboy hat. Nick couldn't help laughing as he said to Vito, "Look at dat shit-eatin' grin on da Chief's face. He got dat big-ass gap between his teeth and all dem damn diamonds and shit." Nick liked the Chief, but was concerned with the amount of presence the Chief carried. The Chief wasn't the type to lay low. He was always drawing attention and Nick was afraid the Chief might cause them to get busted.

Joe looked to Vito and said, "I'll bet you hundred a bucks she winds up with me tonight."

Vito shook his hand saying, "Let's make it five."

The Chief squeezed Vito's hand tightly saying, "Five it is."

They were still standing there when the bouncer came up from behind the Chief and said, "All right you son of a bitch..."

The Chief wasn't sure what to expect. He turned around ready for anything. He saw a tall, blond-haired dude with a mustache wearing a Hawaiian shirt. He looked familiar. "Barry? Is that you?"

"Yeah motherfucker, it's me."

Barry was the kid pitching the ball when Joe was kidnapped Campenero and Olivetti. He reached out to shake hands saying, "What the hell are you doing here?"

"Just havin' a drink. What about you?"

"I work here."

They were getting caught up when Joe noticed Angela coming his way wearing a black teddy. He noticed her previously stuffed garter was empty and figured she must have stashed her cash in a locker. He smiled at her and said, "C'mere I got something for ya"

Smiling back at him she eased her way closer saying, "Give it to me baby."

"It'll cost ya."

She put her hands on her hips. "Cost me what?"

He turned his unshaven face to her and pointed to his cheek saying, "How 'bout a little kiss right there."

She grabbed his arm, pulled him closer and kissed his cheek.

Vito was starting to bum out. He stood up, tucked in his silk shirt a little better, and with an Italian accent said, "Excuse me there, Sweetheart. I didn't mean to insult you with dat twenty spot. He pulled his wad of money out of his pocket, peeled a couple c-notes off the top and said, "You're da classiest lookin' dame, I've ever seen in a place like dis." He took her hand and squeezed the two c-notes into it, then kissed it and said, "Now tell me, Sweetheart, what da Chief got, dat I don't got?"

She smiled as she straightened out the two bills and said, "Well... He's got my underwear."

The Chief smiled and took a sip of his drink.

Nick cracked up laughing, "Oh oh! The Stallion, gettin' beat out by the Chief."

"Hey now, knock it off," Vito grumbled. "This lady's got class. I don't want her thinkin' I hang out with low lifes." He turned to Angela and said, "He thinks 'cause he's my boss he can make fun of me."

Angela asked, "What kind of work do ya do?"

"I'm Nick's bodyguard."

She giggled replying, "You're a bodyguard?"

"Yeah. Why you laughing?" he asked with his Italian accent. "You don't tink I'm tough? Feel dat," he said, making a muscle.

As she felt his muscle, Vito said, "I used to be a golden glove boxer. Almost went to the Olympics."

"What happened?"

"I got busted for some shit, and had to go jail instead."

Vito and Nick were high rollers and the Chief liked their style. They were becoming pretty good friends but Joe didn't like Vito hitting on Angela. He stood there sipping his drink and noticed a clean-cut dude wearing an ivory color suit with a pink shirt approaching. The guy's brown hair was cut above his ears and combed to the side. He came up from behind Angela and wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her body into his. They brushed faces as he reached out to shake hands with Nick.

"I want you to meet the Chief. He's good people," Nick said. He went on, "This is my friend Bill. He owns the place."

Seeing Angela with another man was hard for Joe to accept. The sight of it infuriated him, but he kept his cool. When he shook Bill's hand he squeezed it even harder than his normal strong handshake.

"Jesus Christ man! Not so fuckin' hard," Bill shouted, pulling his hand away. He looked to Nick and asked, "Did you bring me that?"

Nick had arranged to sell Bill an ounce of cocaine for two thousand dollars and replied, "Yeah man, of course!"

Vito was impressed with Bill for being able to pick up on Angela. He knew Nick was making a lot of money off Bill and figured it would be best to lay off of Angela.

After a while the five of them went into Bill's office where Nick handed Bill a bag of rocks. Bill looked over the bag with a smile. He took a picture of a beautiful brunette, dancing on the main stage, off of the wall and said, "Let's chop some up."

The walls were covered with pictures of naked women who had worked for Bill through the years. Bill's desk had a couple chairs in front of it and was covered with papers. There were two red with white poke dots sofas right-angled to each other in the corner and a square wood table in front of them. that were in front of his desk; he and Angela sat in them.

Joe and Angela were both nervous but played things cool. They snorted coke for hours and listened to Bill talk about how much fun he and Angela had in Europe. Joe pretended to be having a good time but had his mind on winning back his wife. On several occasions their eyes met and Joe could tell that she wanted him. At that point Bill was in control of the conversation topic. Joe had to connive a way to take control away, but he wasn't himself on coke and lacked the excessive confidence that was normally a part of his personality.

Eventually Bill asked the Chief what he did for a living.

"Right now I'm in the process of opening up a restaurant."

"Here in town?"

"Yeah. It's just below Oakland Park Bridge on the Inter-coastal." That caught Angela's attention. She didn't know anything about Gator's, nor did she know Nick was buying the Chief's Hideaway, or that the Chief had moved back to Florida. She interrupted the conversation asking, "Ya mean where Sonny's Place used to be?"

The Chief winked at her and nodded, "Yeah that's it."

"When are you going to open?"

"In a couple months."

Angela never liked the way the Chief put the Hideaway in Gigi's name and figured he was doing the same thing with Gator. She asked, "So who's running things, you or Gator?"

The Chief smiled and replied, "I do my share."

Bill was just figuring out that Joe and Angela knew each other. He looked to Angela and asked, "How long have you and the Chief known each other?"

She looked to the ceiling and drug out her answer, "Oh, I guess about seven or eight years."

Her reply caught everyone off guard. Bill's attitude soured as he snorted a couple of lines and began to wonder if the Chief had ever gotten a piece of Angela. He had already sensed that something was up between them. He handed her the straw asking, "So, where did you and the Chief meet?"

She snorted a line before answering, "Costa Rica."

As she went on to snort the next line Bill asked, "What were you doing there?"

She finished snorting the line and passed the straw to Vito as she replied, "Just getting away."

Bill didn't like the Chief. He felt threatened and was yearning to find out whether or not the Chief had ever been with Angela.

The Chief didnít like Bill either. It was hard for him to stand by and allow somebody else to be with his wife. He couldn't take it much longer. He just hadn't figured out what he was going to do about it yet. It was bad enough she had to go off and start dancing every time they split up. Her being with Bill was too much for him to accept. The one thing Joe knew for sure was that he wanted her back. Sitting there he realized he was in love with her, and had always been. He was bound and determined to get her back.

Bill looked to Joe saying, "So Costa Rica's a pretty nice place to get away to, is it Chief?"

The Chief took the straw from Vito. Before snorting a line he said, "The fishing's good, but there sure as hell ain't no money to be made down there."

Vito and Nick chuckled as the Chief snorted a line.

Soon as Joe's head rose from the picture Bill asked, "So what were you doing down there?"

"Just kicking back."

"Why'd you leave?"

"I ran out of money."

They snorted coke in Bill's office until the club closed. Then Nick suggested they cruise over to his house to snort some more.

"I gotta close things down. Whata ya say me and Angela meet you over there," Bill replied.

"Sounds good. We'll see you in a bit," Nick said.

Nick, Vito, and Joe left in Nick's Mercedes. They had been at the house long enough to make some drinks when Bill and Angela pulled up to the gates in his red Vette and rang the bell.

The moment they walked into the red brick house Angela fell in love with the place. She had never been in a house with an indoor pond. She marveled at the bridge crossing over the pond and the water falling down the wall with plants and lights on both sides of the stream. It reminded her of the Hideaway and got her thinking about being with the Chief. Most of the furniture was European and sat lower than traditional American furniture. The family and breakfast rooms were adjoined. Nick led them to the breakfast table where Vito and the Chief were watching the big screen. Nick said, "Have a seat," and went for his stash. He tossed Vito the sack and asked if anyone wanted a drink.

They'd been partying down for a couple hours when the Chief started goin' off with his jokes:

"There's this drunken ol' man sitting on the street corner. A cop comes up and sees that he's crying and asks him, 'What's wrong?'

The old timer tells the cop how he's got this beautiful younger woman at home who's a nymphomaniac and treats him like a king."

Angela seemed pretty interested in the joke. She thought the Chief might be directing it toward her.

The Chief continued his joke, "The cop says, 'That don't sound so bad. How come you're sitting here crying like that?'

The old timer cries, 'Because I can't remember where I live.'"

Everyone chuckled as the Chief snorted another line. A few minutes later Angela started goin' off with one of her jokes.

"When I was married, my husband came home and I told him the dishwasher was broken. He gave me one of his mean looks and said, 'So, does my shirt say Maytag on it?'

A few days later he came home and I told him the car was broken down.

He gave me another one of his dirty looks and asked, 'Does my shirt say Mr. Goodwrench on it?'

A few days after that he came home and the car and dishwasher were both fixed. He asked me who fixed them and I said, 'The guy down the street.'

He asked how much it cost and I said, 'Nothing. The guy said I could either bake him a cake or give him a blow-job.'

My ol' man looked at me and asked, 'So what kind of cake did you bake him?'

I looked at him and replied, 'Does my shirt say Betty Crocker on it?'"

Everyone except the Chief cracked up laughing. He didn't like the punch line. It reminded him of the fact that she was with Bill instead of him. It was starting to bother him worse. He had to figure out a way to get her back. He started in with another joke.

"There's this older man goes into the doctor's office and says, 'Doc, you gotta help me. I'm goin' out with three strippers tonight.'

The Doctor looks at him and said, 'That don't sound bad. Whata ya want me to do?'

The guy says, 'I'm gettin' old Doc. I don't think I can handle 'em. Can you give me some Spanish Fly?'

The Doctor says, 'Sounds like you're gonna be needing some. This stuffs real good. I wouldn't take more than a couple.'

The guy goes home and takes a handful. The next day he goes into the Doctor's office again. The guy's penis looked like it'd been ran through a meat grinder. He says, 'Doc you gotta help. Can you give me some Ben Gay?'

The Doctor looks at him and says, 'You're not gonna put Ben Gay on your penis are you?'

The guy says, 'Oh, hell no! None of them strippers showed up last night. The Ben Gay's for my arm.'"

Angela laughed so hard she blew the coke off the mirror and then started coughing. No one else thought the joke was funny but cracked up because she had lost control.

"Damnit Angela! That's about a hundred dollars worth of blow you blew," Nick jokingly complained. Then he asked, "What's eatin' pussy got in common with the Mafia?"

Angela was trying to get a grip on herself by sipping her drink. Still laughing she replied, "I don't know."

Before Nick had a chance to tell her, Vito blurted out with his Italian accent, "One slip of the tongue and you're in deep shit." Then he asked, "What's worse than getting raped by Jack the Ripper?"

Angela had almost stopped laughing when Vito replied, "Getting fingered by Captain Hook."

That one was too much for her to handle. She laughed into her drink and spewed it all over the table. Tears were coming from her eyes as she rose

Nick was laughing and sputtered, "That's a good idea. Every time someone tells a joke, you crack up laughing, and it cost me a hundred dollars in blow."

This was the moment the Chief had been waiting for. He stood up from the table and slid open the sliding glass door to the pool. They walked out together and the Chief said, "C'mon! I wanna show ya my new toy." He led her down to the dock where the black Cigarette was lifted out of the water. "Whata ya think?"

"She's beautiful. How come you got another boat?"

He pushed the button to lower the boat into the water, thinking he'd get Angela onboard. He replied, "Business reasons. I'm getting the house too."

Angela smiled because she loved the house so much. "Really?" she replied.

Soon as the boat entered the water, the Chief climbed aboard and started the engines. "Climb aboard. I'll take ya for a ride."

Bill began to panic when he heard the 454's fire up. "What the hell!

"Don't worry about it, Bill. They're ol' friends. They'll be back soon," Nick said, before snorting another line.

The late night air was warm and moist. They raced down the Inter-coastal at about fifty knots. Because there were no other boats, and the water was calm, Angela found the ride exhilarating. She was turned on by the speed of the boat and the rush she felt by being with the Chief. She had no idea what was about to happen in her life, especially with Bill, but she'd been missing the excitement she always felt when being with the Chief, and subconsciously wanted to hang onto it.

The Chief was jazzed to have her back by his side. Though she'd only been there a few minutes he figured she was there to stay. They shared a lot of good times together. She was his wife and he wasn't planning on letting her go.

"Whata ya say we swing by Gators. Little Bear'll glad to see ya."

Angela's face lit up. "Little Bear's down here?"

"Yeah, he's helping out with the restaurant. Turning out to be a pretty good carpenter too." He slowed down for the no-wake zone and went on, "He really misses you, ya know. You're all he's got for a mother."

Looking back on all the years she had been a wife and mother, Angela began to realize how much she loved them. She whimpered, "I'm sorry."

"For what?"

She started to cry. "For everything. I never should have fucked Bernie, but it was the only way to get you out."

The Chief pulled her into his arms and held her tight saying, "It's all right Sweetheart. You did what you had to do. I understand."

Tears were pouring down her cheeks as she looked up to his eyes and cried, "Do you forgive me?"

His lips moved closer to hers as he said, "Yeah Baby. I forgive you."

She squeezed him tight as their lips met and they spent the next few minutes passionately kissing. It had been a few months since they'd been together and they had to have each other right then. They tied the boat to the nearest vacant dock and went down below, where they took off each other's clothes and began to make up for lost time.


Chief Blackbear
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